Use a cat scarer to reclaim your garden from unwelcome feline visitors

Cat With Bird

Preserve your garden and its wildlife with a cost-effective, easy to use device

Uninvited cats can spoil your enjoyment of your garden and destroy its wildlife and your hard work. Why should they be allowed to?

A cat scarer, such as the one we recommend, is the perfect solution to unwelcome cats in your garden because:

  • It is easy to use – fully automated, it can be set up in seconds
  • It can either cover your whole garden, or you can designate certain spots, perhaps a flower bed or fish pond, where cats have been wreaking havoc
  • It is harmless to cats, and is thus a humane solution to your problem
  • It is inaudible to you, so does not interfere with your enjoyment of your garden
  • It works well in all weather conditions, so you need not worry about the changing seasons – you know your garden is being protected, come rain or shine
  • It does not affect birds or fish, protecting the wildlife you want in your garden while deterring the cats

We currently recommend this Cat Scarer having found it to be highly-effective with the cat problem in our garden.

What damage do cats cause to gardens?

Unwelcome cats in your garden can be a nightmare. Many gardens are havens for a vast array of natural diversity; they are homes to a plethora of different creatures, including birds, squirrels and frogs. Unfortunately, the cat is a natural predator to all of them, and can decimate your garden’s wildlife.

The damage doesn’t end there, however. Cats, extremely territorial creatures, will urinate to mark their territory – and when they see your garden as their territory, this is something no gardener will welcome. They often also defecate, digging up and unsettling your ground in the process. No one wants to regularly come across cat faeces in their garden, whether it’s ruining a vegetable patch or flower bed you’ve carefully nurtured, or posing a health risk to your children who would otherwise be able to play carefree.

How does a cat scarer work?

A cat scarer emits a piercing ultrasonic sound and in doing so safely trains cats not to enter your garden. When the cat hears this sound, it will come to associate it with your garden and so learn to keep away. The cat scarer we recommend is able to cover a garden of over 120 sq. metres in size – this is the typical area of a suburban garden, but if yours is larger you can of course achieve additional coverage by purchasing two cat scarers.

The particular cat scarer we recommend is intelligent enough to only activate when a cat comes into range, not only proving to be a greater deterrent to cats by producing a more startling effect but also conserving battery power.